How on earth can the UK even be talking of power cuts during Winter ?

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No “blackouts this winter” says Ed Davey…

This country is plagued with incompetent cretins in government.

How on earth can the UK even be talking of power cuts during Winter ?

I doubt if Davey has the ability to wire a 13 amp plug, let alone safeguard out national power supply.total-blackout-1_4395434_lrg

Its frightening that this man is in charge of energy. He is one of the green nuttes that is making very big mistakes.

This is a consequence of the activities of Ed Miliband and his diktat in 2008 on cuts to traditional-technology, base-load power stations, without having replacements actually in operation.

The greater the reliance on so-called renewables, then the greater the potential adverse effects on power supplies when the remaining power producing plants have shutdowns, breakdowns, etc.

Caroline Lucas will be very happy then and the rest of her back to the middle ages crew.

Meanwhile a classic example of the lack of grasping the nettle of investment, leaving decisions of national importance to the UK to a group of foreign based companies and bowing to the climate change lobby. This combination has left the UK without enough generating capacity, otherwise why the denial above? If the UK eliminated all pollution or doubled it tomorrow it wouldn’t make any difference to World pollution. Why don’t people realize that they are being misled by Lucas and her organization?

Well it completes the Third World status of UK, with its Third World corrupt Dictators, But never fear the foreigners are here. They are building us Power Stations, owned by foreigners, run by foreigners, a bit like the rest of the UK really – EU dominated, and we like idiots, pay for the privilege of them owning us.

The UK continues, under LibLabCon, steadily on course for a repeat of the late 1970s “Winter Of Discontent”.davey

Wherein commerce, transport and industry all ground to a nearly complete halt. No goods in the stores, no vehicle fuel at the forecourts, no lights coming on when the switch was flicked. Shortages of gas for heating and cooking. Immense piles of uncollected rotting rubbish in urban centres. Mortuaries full of unburied dead. The armed forces having to be pressed into service to provide fire protection.

Except that this time around, it’ll be even worse. And it will be far more difficult from which to dig back out.

Ed Davey, what an idiot, here we are in 2014 and this moron is seeking to take measures to avoid power cuts this winter, well if he wasn’t so fond of his wind turbines we wouldn’t be in this mess.

What do we get lots of during winter?, yes, high pressure areas, what do turbines require to operate? yes, wind, so what has this pleb been putting up all over the place?, yes, you’ve guessed it, wind turbines!

“Hotels will be paid to turn down refrigerators and factories paid to make staff work overnight to cut energy consumption and prevent blackouts this winter, under emergency plans to be revealed this week” says Ed Davey. What a Silly Billy you are, Mr Davey.

He is also offering a prize for anyone who can make a solar panel that works in the dark, and a wind turbine that works when the wind isn’t blowing


Why is it in modern governments that the least competent get put in charge of the most important?



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