Swiss people speak… Everywhere in Europe the tide is turning.

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As reported on the BNP website

We agree with this

If we do finally have a referendum on the EU, the vote will be rigged, you can be assured of that. It won’t be a simple yes or no, there will be many options to confuse the voters and the wording of the choices will hide the true meaning to confuse things further. There will be no independent counters, no overseers to ensure a fair count and very little security on ballot boxes.

I can foresee that, in the end, the government will announce that everyone voted to stay in the EU, whether they did or not. This is the typical anti-democratic system that we have so often seen in elections.

It should be a simple yes or no to the question of staying in the EU. For every counter who is in favour of staying in, there should be an overseer who is in favour of us getting out and vice versa. Along with both people watching the ballot box at all times to ensure no tampering. Then, we could possibly have a fair count.


You can be sure that all three ‘traditional’ Parties will marshal a massive campaign to get a Yes vote. The sovereignty of our people is at stake and yet those parties all stand for treason. THAT is the crucial issue here and we need to ensure that the message reaches the BRITISH man-in-the-street


It’s good to see at least one country’s citizens seriously kicking back against immigration. The nerve of the far left when they say that the outcome of the vote “is a disaster for asylum seekers and refugees” says it all about those do-gooder loonies. It’s about time that both they and the politicians realised that the job of a government is to look after the interests of its own citizens first and not the citizens of other countries. Or is that all now a dream from the past?

Do those lefty loons really believe that mass immigration can go on indefinitely without eventual disaster for all concerned including the immigrants, the scroungers, the criminals, the gang rapists and other such riff-raff in their midst? One thing that is loud and clear about these lefty loons is that they don’t give a hoot about their fellow citizens or future generations. It’s as though they live in a parallel universe that has an endless supply of milk and honey and possibly skunk.

I just love those posters in the article.

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