The left will use the language of liberation and equality, but it is actually the politics of revolution and coup d’etat.

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For the first time in History, Europe and North America are, and have been in the hands of socialists for some time now. Multiculturalism, inclusiveness, the entitlement mentality and white guilt would not be as rampant otherwise.

progressive liberalism where up is down, right is wrong, criminals are victims and causing “offence” is now the most heinous crime. It’s almost religious the way the ultra left push this “tyranny of guilt”.

Too many young people have been utterly brainwashed into thinking that rejecting any and all representations of their own cultural heritage and national identity is the ultimate statement of moral rectitude.far left

The application of logic or the consideration of long term consequences don’t come into it for the MTV generation. There are goodies and baddies. The goodies can do no wrong and the baddies can do no good. It’s living Marxism. Some young people don’t even stop to think about the utter unnaturalness of multiculturalism, how they gain nothing positive from it and how it has only been the norm for a very short time.

Unless we stop preferring youth over experience and have the adults take back control and teach the kids that it’s better to be right than nice and that being ‘tolerant’ should not be one’s ultimate goal, then we’re fecked as a society.

Gullible youngsters of the NUS may be taken in by this guff but I can’t understand why it’s been allowed to creep into mainstream political thought. It’s almost as if they’ve all be on the same re-education course, which of course, they have.

“Progressives” are anti white racists and anti western traitors who should be drummed out of any form of public office. They hate the west and the white race with such a passion that they will not rest until both have been destroyed, and they are well on the way to achieving their objective. Anti racist is a code word for anti white.

University Education in this country and most of the West is not a force for good.

This is where Political Correctness, Liberal Guilt, Anti Capitalism, and Reverse Racism started. The group think is total.
The products of these Universities go on to run all the institutions that rule our lives

The left will use the language of liberation and equality, but it is actually the politics of revolution and coup d’etat.



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You cannot trust the mainstream media

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