Greek broadcasting falls silent… Why cant it be the BBC?

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As reported in the Daily Telegraph

We agree with this

The msm has jumped into the sewer of propaganda. It’s blatant about it’s lefty agenda and humiliating the white Christian male.

NOBODY is interested in their line of looney tunes anymore. I can see so much of the world turning away and getting back in touch with real people.  Maybe the msm has done the people a favor?

I think the media has run out of steam in it’s propaganda. It can lose and it is losing. Their nanny mindset is verging on insanity.


I  would like to know what promises the EBU have made to the BBC in the future superstate they so fanatically support.

Perhaps the latest high profile journo UKIP supporter could have investigated along with the exposes on the likes of Clarke etc we so desperately need?


“Perhaps the BBC should shut down in sympathy, at least for a day or two. I could live with that.”

If joining the EUro led to shutting the BBC down permanently it would almost be worth it. (No the whole rotten lot should go)

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