The political Liberal left establishment are clinging to the label “mainstream” like a lifebelt.

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The Left are not for justice and liberty, they are for State Control, Thought Control and a miserable existence for everyone not in the Party.

Whenever they have been in government, Labour have done everything except govern in the best interests of this once great country. They have forced through policies which have done, and still do, tremendous harm. These include inept and incompetent “management” of the economy, plus various socialist policies which have been proved time and time again not to work.Communist 2

They have sold this country to the EU, decimated our ability to defend ourselves (although they have not been alone in that) and, in opening the doors to mass immigration, have left this country unrecognisable and completely overwhelmed and in danger of sinking into the sea altogether.

The LibDems are no different and have also proved themselves unfit to hold power.

“Four men arrested in London suspected of plotting “significant” attack in UK
with alleged links to Syria terror group Isil”

Child abuse linked to witchcraft on the increase

I found two stories this morning which are the product of the liberal lefts agenda on immigration into this country. Diversity at its finest

Nothing better could happen to Britain than the Left dying out. Sadly, the cancer that is socialism has taken up residence in the fabric of a once decent society. It will continue to spread its poison and turn Britain into a 3rd world cesspit.

Socialism has never been properly killed and buried as an ideology to the same extent and communism and fascism have, despite the fact the these two are simply two cheeks of the same socialist rear.

It’s not good enough to root it out at the political level we need to get rid of the pervasive socialist preaching that goes on in the education system from primary school to university.

Liberal left extremism of excessive state spending has put Britain on the verge of bankruptcy with funded and unfunded liabilities of £ 6 trillion and the reaction of the left is to say , move along, nothing to say here, national bankruptcy doesn’t matter.

The left deserves to die with its arrogant, abusive, anti demicratic, anti British self serving extremism.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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