Lord Hill cannot defend Britain – no matter the portfolio.

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Lord Hill cannot defend Britain – no matter the portfolio. He becomes the absolute ‘thing’ of the European Union the moment he takes their shilling – and in return every Commissioner is on their fat payroll for life.

EU Commissioners take an oath to act in the interests of the EU and not in the interests of their own country!
If Lord Hill argues in the interests of The City and against the ‘EU’s policies on financial services’ won’t they jump on him for breaking his oath?

Lord Hill’s appointment in yesterday’s paper would make for greater influence in the EU is both inaccurate and misleading that EU leaders are finally taking seriously the need to address British demands for a new deal.European Arrest Warrant

The facts are considerably less dramatic than the spin in yesterday’s and today’s comment and the claims of the PM, IE “shows that when we campaign and fight we can get our way in the EU”; If he has made any serious demands about reform he has not informed us of what they are, which given the PM’s love of favourable headlines and announcements would indicate that his much promised ‘tough negotiations’ have yet to see the light of day.

Insofar as our influence in the EU is concerned as Business for Britain showed all too clearly earlier this week, it just continues to decline as the following indisputable facts confirm.

In the last term, 1,936 motions were put before the European Parliament. 576 of these motions were against British interests and were voted against by the majority of British MEPs. However 485 of these motions still passed. This is a failure rate of 84 per cent.

In party terms, the Conservatives failed to block 87 per cent of the motions they opposed,

The truth exposes the hollowness and misleading claims of our PM’s spin.

It is also disappointing to note that In the interests of objectivity, it is both surprising and deeply regrettable, that he neither pointed out that under EU rules, Lord Hill, in common with all EU commissioners, has to take a vow of allegiance to the EU which includes the formal undertaking to put the interest of the EU before his own country.



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