Patriotism is something which used to be encouraged.

I’d love to be proud to be British but the government does not allow it. I can celebrate being enriched by multicultural diversity but celebrating my own upbringing risks a Court appearance for a public order offence or a hate crime.

The British Establishment made the United Kingdom subservient to the European Union.

Our Elite continually tell us that we can’t govern our own country. That we can’t stand on our own two feet; that we need to be a part of a Continental Union for our security and economy.anti english

If they had no pride in Britishness, why do you expect the ordinary people to have any.

Then they decided to hand out British nationality to any immigrant who cared to come here: regardless of their suitability or their links to the country. We have been flooded by BINOs – British in name only – who contribute little or nothing to our country and repay us by abusing our young children or attempting to blow us up.

Patriotism is something which used to be encouraged, but it seems we British alone, have been subject to a program of social conditioning which declares patriotism as almost “a crime”.

Great Britain meant something when our treasonous political elite remembered that the “Great” stood for something as well as simply the size of these islands.

For years the elites have sought to denigrate our nation and our history and reputation, they have tried to belittle our country by claiming we cannot make it without being absorbed by a foreign alien superstate.

Intellectual midgets, weakling trimmers and cowards, charlatans and spivs and sell outs rule the mother of parliaments and only when it suits their self interest do we get treated to the monstrous and frankly disgusting pseudo patriotism.

.Real patriotism is not about puffed up speeches and flag waving its about honour and duty and fidelity and pride and courage and honesty. And those who infest the corridors of power have none of these qualities.

To our political cabal..

You and your class have presided over this debacle. You created it, you let it fester, you derided anyone who tried to point out the dangers of what you were doing. For the last forty years people have been trying to tell you and your mates how dangerous this was.

But you knew better. And now the chickens are coming home to roost. Don’t tell us about how wonderful our history was, you and your fellow travellers have destroyed it.

We the people don’t need to be told by the political class why we should be proud of our country, it’s because we are proud of it that we want to reclaim it from the likes of Cameron’s Conservatives, Labour and fellow travellers.

Please do not be under any illusion, we don’t dislike you, we increasingly despise you for the way you and your have sold out this once great country through a mix of toxic incompetence and arrogance.



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