It is deeply depressing to see these cheap, facile little people- Cameron, Clegg and Miliband


Westminster is held in such contempt because the whole country can smell the stench of corruption, treachery and greed that eminates from there.

The current incumbent at No. 10 and the “opposition”, are without doubt the most incompetent, amateurish bunch of clowns that I have ever seen in power.Leaders

Not forgetting Blair and Brown, the most destructive pairing, both economically and socially, that this country has had to endure. Poor old Britain will never be resuscitated following their tenure. It wasn’t incompetence with them, it was by cold calculating design.

It is deeply depressing to see these cheap, facile little people – Cameron, Clegg and Miliband – demeaning themselves to caress Mr Salmond’s fundament. Is it any wonder that British politicians engender such anger and are held in such contempt

This is turning into an unbelievable shambles, worse I think than anyone could have expected. From Tony Blair onwards, those at Westminster have treated our constitution as if it belonged to whoever was in government at the time, with no thought to the long term effects of anything. The complications of Scotland becoming independent should have been thrashed out *before* the referendum was ever put to the Scots. To call this ‘amateurish’ would be a misuse of the word: it is shambolic.

And now we see David Cameron and Ed Miliband suddenly exclaiming ‘Oh cripes!’ like the school boys they still basically are, when it dawns on them that a Yes vote will have enormous implications. David Cameron risks being the prime minister who broke up one of the most successful unions of nations in history; Ed Miliband risks losing Labour’s automatic majority of MPs in the House of Commons, and both risk being demoted by their respective parties. They are only worried about the consequences to themselves and their careers: they are not concerned about democracy and they are not concerned about English or Scottish people.



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