Blackouts this winter will really finish the Conservatives off in the May election.

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Emergency measures will be introduced to prevent the lights going out this winter.

Offices and factories will be offered compensation to undergo 1970s-style energy rationing and shut down for up to four hours a day to prevent households being plunged into darkness.

In addition, owners of old power stations will be asked to switch them back on to meet the country’s demands.

National Grid had not planned to use this option until next winter. But yesterday it revealed a series of fires and setbacks had knocked some of the UK’s biggest generators out of service. Two nuclear power plants are also offline, and are unlikely to be running in time for the start of the colder weather. Daily MailNuclear_Power_Plant_Cattenom

We are living in a land of lunacy, run by politicians who appear to have escaped from the asylum.  What is wrong with them all?  Have they no technical background and are they all advised by idiots who also have no technical background?  

Blackouts this winter will really finish the Conservatives off in the May election. They wouldn’t do Red Ed’s lot much good either. A global warming hoax too far I rather think.

Ed Miliband drafted the Climate Change Act which has cut our generating capacity at the behest of the EU. That David Cameron voted it into law and that his Energy Secretary Ed Davey has closed down our baseload power generation so now we probably won’t have enough during one of the cold snaps which are entirely likely during even the mildest winters and if factories have to close down, workers will be laid off.

Ed Davey has ensured that we will go into January 2015 with a whopping 15.6 GWsless generation capacity than we had last January (that is approx. one third of the electricity we are currently using on a warm early September afternoon).

The only cheerful news is that no government anywhere in the world has survived power blackouts. Not one single one. So when we emerge into next spring (those left alive — 30,000 pensioners died cold-related deaths in 2010/11) and the most exorbitant electricity and gas bills in history hit our doormats, you’ll know it was deliberate vindictive government policy from all three parties currently occupying the green benches of the House of Commons.

The decision to build new nuclear power stations should have been taken twenty years ago. Unfortunately governments have been brow-beaten by the likes of Green Peace into doing bugger all, apart from building a few useless wind farms. What are we going to do when the Russians turn the gas off?

This country is going backward not forward.



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