Britain has become a deeply unpleasant authoritarian place to be

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One sick child is taken to Spain because his parents wanted the best care for him and the police get the parents arrested.
1400 children in Rotherham are abused over a 16-year-period and the police arrested nobody.

A lot in common – some of the concerned parents who were trying to intervene in Rotherham were arrested as well, father’s trying to rescue their own daughters from the grooming gangs, and mother’s concerns ignored by police. What a scary, failed society we have become.

It is scary what the left wingers have had the power to make us into what we have become.

What you are seeing is the EU in action. The NHS was shown up by the King family, who had done the research and realised he could receive better treatment abroad.

This deeply embarrassed the NHS, who lashed out by demanding the UK police arrest them and the tyrannical Spanish police arrested them, separated Ashya King from his parents and stuck them in jail.Communist 3

This is complete and utter tyranny unfolding before our very eyes. The Kings are being made an example of because they dared to defy the state and seek better treatment abroad.

Thousands of white British girls have been systematically raped by Pakistani men and nothing is done.

One decent family remove their sick child from hospital – AS IS THEIR RIGHT AS PARENTS – and the full force of the law is brought crashing down.
How dare they use the European Arrest Warrant to persecute this family …. who were leaving the UK because our appalling NHS were refusing to provide treatment which was available abroad.

The authorities in the hospital, police and judicial system need to be hauled up before the cameras to account for their actions.

And Cameron needs to be forced to explain why the European Arrest Warrant was introduced so that they could persecute a peaceful family doing their level best for their son.

All the politicians of the main parties I now regard with loathing – they are self-serving PC sheep, scared to offend minorities with the tories desperate for a portion of their vote which Labour is determined to keep.

Consequently the white English are sitting ducks as 11 year girls in Rotherham and numerous other towns have found out to their huge personal cost.

The police waste no time chasing these parents under the pretext of protecting the child, who has been refused proton treatment by the NHS (too busy coping with and spending our money on the health tourists no doubt) – what about the thousands of young white girls that have been gang raped by muslim paedophiles who were allowed to operate blatantly for a couple of decades it would seem?

And then the perpetrators – the few who have been prosecuted – are put in jail for a couple of years? Compare with Rolf Harris who will probably die in jail.

At least the BBC can use the story to get Rotherham out of the news – as if they reported it much anyway!



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