In Freedom you must become smarter, in socialism you are not allowed to get smarter.

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Liberalism removes competition.

Foolproof the world and pretty soon the fools will be running the place.

Educational standards have been repeatedly lowered for decades to satisfy the “self esteem needs” of the lowest common denominator.

Our society doesn’t value intelligence, it values the average.  Intelligence isn’t what makes people succeed in this society, so this society is just throwing the intelligent away. We no longer award the best and brightest, nor do we make it a goal in life. We have become comfortable being mediocre and that mediocrity spreads like a virus.

When you import on mass people from countries with low iq’s this is what happenssocialism1

Of course IQ is dropping. The feckless and stupid are the ones who produce all of the children. The sensible and intelligent try to save up to pay for their own and also have fewer as a result. It used to be the case IQ was part of survival of the fittest. The smartest would be able to have the most offspring. Now, the least smart are the ones breeding like rabbits, we even pay them to do it.

it’s called programming to the point where people can no longer think for themselves….stupid see’s stupid do’s.

In Victorian times the unintelligent did not have recourse to the same funds to raise their children, so they had fewer children to safeguard their very survival. The more affluent, and the more intelligent, could afford to have more children. Now the reverse is true – the unintelligent breed rampantly because they get more money for every child. Of course the average IQ is dropping as there are far more of the unintelligent ones around

We’re not getting more stupid because of reaching some sort of peak. It was the plan to destroy education and critical thinking for the reason that an educated public is a danger to the elite.

People are being made more stupid by the combination of government and the education and news industries, who look at schools, colleges, newspapers, TV, etc., as vehicles for social and political indoctrination, rather than to impart useful, necessary and accurate information. The victims of what education and news have become, particularly in the last 20, or 30 years, (who believe most of what they’ve been taught, read, or heard) are misinformed and maleducated to the point that they don’t undersocialism 2stand what is happening, or why, and are making decisions based on nonsense that has been presented to them as undisputed truth.

Accurate information has been replaced by “political correctness”, “social justice”, and other sorts of propaganda designed to make us accept an increasingly tyrannical government controlling nearly every aspect of our lives, businesses and property.

If you want a docile population who will keep working despite low pay and heavy taxation, then 1) Feed them inane 24-hour TV reality shows and pretend content-free documentaries, 2) Give everyone social media, tweets,and instant but shallow knowledge on the Internet, 3) Ensure homes are too small for books 4) Get employers to hire on complacency and to fear creativity in case the boss is outshone, 5) Discourage face-to-face social interaction in case real discussions get going, and make everyone isolated in reality but well connected on computer

In Freedom you must become smarter, in socialism you are not allowed to get smarter due to PC and misidentification of problems.



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