Obviously the people who have drafted this regulation have never done their own hoovering.

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Within the next ten days it will be illegal to purchase any hoover that has the sucking power to remove even a tenth of the dust laid down in even the average shag pile wall-to-wall carpet in a Southall bedsit.

From 1 September, companies in the EU will be banned from making or importing vacuum cleaners above 1600 watts.

Under the banner of energy efficiency many of the best (read: most powerful) vacuum cleaners for sale in the UK will be illegal to purchase.

Obviously the people who have drafted this regulation have never done their own hoovering.henery

So, less powerful vacuum cleaners will need to be used for longer in order to suck up the same amount of detritus. 2200 watts is being reduced initially to 1600, then, if the Fourth Reich get their way, to 900 watts.

In the meantime, generating capacity is reducing both deliberately, and by accident, and it looks as if the planet is cooling.

But not to worry, the planet will really be “saved” by us not being able to efficiently clean our houses.

What will be next, I wonder, in the EU’s lunatic race to become more stupid than a stupid thing? Will we be directed to have less powerful refrigerators, so our food is not kept quite so cold? Slower mixers in the Kitchen? Less powerful DIY tools? They’ve already foisted useless, poisonous light devices on us, and taken away our light bulbs.

This won’t save any energy, people will have to hoover for longer, ordinary people will have to work harder just to make a few green nut jobs feel better about themselves.

And don’t joke about other appliances, these people are well capable of thinking food poisoning is a price well worth paying for freezers that use less energy by being less freezing.

Now I’m off to order a couple of Henrys before this nonsense starts.



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