EDL leader: It’s not going to end pretty…… Main stream media are having a fit about this interview

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As reported in the Daily Telegraph

BBC radio interview

We agree with this

Exactly. Just look at the way the incident was portrayed. I’d rather listen to Tommy Robinsons views than the censored lies on the Lee Rigby murder spouted by Nick Robinson..Until this debate is aired with a bit of truth the current problems are only going to escalate.


The LibLabCon, the BBC and their ‘hug-a-jihadist’ mentality are destroying this country for all of us – the Muslim community in particular.


If you think things are bad now, just give it another 50 years. By then we’ll be devolving to something like Afghanistan. Another 150 years and it will be almost complete.

Unless of course people started caring for their children before it is too late and realise that liblabcon are waging genocide upon them. Then one day, hopefully, Islamic extremism can be dealt with and the complicit anti white racist traitors of liblabcon and media can be put in the dock for treason and other crimes against humanity, such as supporting war crimes in Libya and Syria by Islamist rapist, murdering, slave masters.

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