Ferguson, Missouri is in flames.

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Ferguson, Missouri is in flames. Riots broke out last Sunday following the killing of an unarmed black teenager by local police in a mysterious scuffle. In came the police, in came the SWAT teams – descending on the St Louis suburb like an occupying army. Two journalists have been arrested and claim “mishandling” by officers. Shops have been looted, scores arrested, the stand-off continues. And Barack Obama, being Barack Obama, has done next to nothing. It conforms to a pattern: the President seems determined to see out the remainder of his term practising his golf swing.Ferguson, 2

As a gift to all those Britons who fought in the two world wars, our leaders have ensured that we too will get to benefit from race riots, robberies and rapes of our women. That is until there are no more white people left or we become a tiny minority like the yazidi.

It is strange that the standard response to police brutality is to go to the shopping centres and steal as much stuff as you can.

The day after this shooting occurred, 5 people were shot, including 3 children, in a drive by shooting in New Orleans. Two died on the spot, the fate of the others I do not know since the story was just a passing headline. There will be no protests,no
rioting because black on black violence is the norm in America. Black on white violence is also tolerated, at least by whites, who allow police and prosecutors to mete out justice. Only when a black is killed by a white does it become a racial controversy. Why is that?

In the 1950s Detroit was one of the success stories of America, the most important car producing centre in the world and an increasingly affluent blue collar/ working class population.
Increasingly blacks migrated to the city and at first were a small minority, attracted by work but also by generous welfare payments. Large families and chain migration led to a sudden big increase in the black population.
Failing at school – for many reasons not all of their own doing some of them developed into an underclass. drugs; prostitution; gambling; illegal drinking dens; crime.
White working class people – some from the South like the blacks – resented the exploitation of white girls being groomed into prostitution. The police cracked down hard.
Thus began the severe 1960s riots that the white middle class establishment with liberal guilt and racial self loathing etc allowed to get out of control. They lasted for days and had the appearance of civil war/ race war.
Today Detroit is destroyed. It is as dangerous as some places in Syria and will never recover. The whites almost all moved out along with industry and business.
You are warned by the police that as a white your safety cannot be ensured if you enter Detroit at all.
Not all the fault for this lies with the blacks, but it still remains as a warning about the folly of multiculturalism.
What was the 4th most important city in the USA is bankrupt, crime ridden and quite literally in ruins.



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