The EU is lying to 28 nations and the old parties in Britain are lying to us.

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The EUSSR is a death sentence. And the merchant of death none other than Merkel and her incredible austerity nonsense designed to benefit only one player (Germany) at the expense of all others. Welcome to modern day slavery known as the Eurozone.

German economic contraction, French economic stagnation , mass unemployment, soaring state debt , eurozone on the verge of deflation all because the EU Europhile extremists want to build a United States of Europe and part of that was a currency, the euro , set up without anything that a currency needs.
Along comes Cameron saying he’s going to renegotiate with an EU that will stop at nothing to create an EU superstate.euro-currency-ETF
The EU is lying to 28 nations and the old parties in Britain are lying to us.

The euro is killing Italy, but Italy will never leave. No politician has the backbone to do the right thing. The euro will finish when the Germans will understand that the French will bankrupt them!

Italy needs to go back to the Lira, Spain needs to go back to the Peseta and Greece needs to go back to the Drachma. We all know this but the simple fact is it ain’t gonna happen. The people with the power in Brussels are not going to admit that it was a mistake and will therefore stick with it no matter what the cost.

It doesn’t affect them only the little people and they don’t give a fat rats bottom about he little people. Of course there is a group that could bring it down and that is the financial markets but they don’t have the stomach for it because they are making lots of money out of it with all the cheap cash on offer.

The euro was set up without any democratic mandate as part of the construction of an EU superstate and has been responsible for economic catastrophe in the eurozone and a threat to global economic stability.
The euro should be dismantled along with the wholly failed EU project.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media


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