The BBC is a toxic organisation which should have been dismantled decades ago

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The BBC is blatantly biased and has been for a very long time. It is very selective about what it reports and puts left-wing slant on everything.

The BBC is not to be trusted one centimetre. It distorts the truth at every opportunity as it cheer-leads its own ‘consensus’ on everything from immigration (the BBC regards it as a ‘good thing’ that brings diversity to Britain), to ‘climate change’ (as far as the BBC is concerned there is no longer any argument about this: it is in the catechism), to the desirability of Socialism as the best model for society (as far as the BBC is concerned, anything other than left-wing politics is Fascism. Only leftism is ‘progressive’). bbc marxist

I therefore don’t listen to the BBC any more. It is as untrustworthy as David Cameron when he says he is going to hold a referendum or Gordon Brown when it comes to leaving your pension alone.

The BBC is a toxic organisation which should have been dismantled decades ago.

It speaks for no-one but the coterie of highly-paid Lefties employed on the public purse within it.

Its an open strident cheerleader for unwanted mass immigration, social engineering, the EU and the failed ideology of multiculturalism.

The BBC demands an exorbitant and outdated tax from all television owners. Indefensible in 2014 and were it not that our useless politicians have no regard whatever for the voters, it would have been privatised by now and certainly long before the Royal Mail, which never did anyone any harm.

Any news story that does not fit the approved BBC world-view is simply ignored. Sometimes pressure from other news channels forces it to mention something, days later.

Then we have the bias in packing audiences for Question Time.BBC Question time 1

And the fraudulent “balance” where some left-wing viewpoint is “balanced” by a slightly less left-wing viewpoint.

And underpinning it all is the arrogant, complacent, condescending attitude of many of it’s presenters.

Factual bias is the least of the problems with the BBC, it is the impression it tries hard to create that anyone who does not share their world-view is ignorant, stupid, fascist, and sub-human.

The BBC has lost the trust of many of the indigenous population with it’s current blatant socialist, multi-cultural pushing agenda.



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