The London-based politicians don’t give a damn.

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“British-born workers are less likely to be employed in the UK than European Union immigrants”

Many UK jobs not even advertised in Britain, only in other EU countries. Plus jobs advertised in several areas of the UK, with ” must speak Polish” in the job specEU paid the BBC

The figures, according to the Telegraph, show that as a proportion of those employed, EU migrants are more likely to have jobs over British workers. The Telegraph notes that the new statistics may prompt “new concerns about the number of jobs going to the immigrant workforce.”
Eurostat found that 75.4 percent of British citizens aged between 20 and 64 were in work in 2013, compared with 79.2 percent of EU nationals living in the UK

EU citizens – over whom we have no control as to whether they come here – are more likely to be in work than indigenous work-shy Britons.
However, immigrants from outside the EU – whom this useless government can admit or deny access to at will – have fewer in work than the hard-working indigenous population.
Curiously, there is no mention in the Mainstream media of the £5 billion a year we are currently paying to immigrants in tax credits. Yes, I did say £5 billion a year.

Once a business in West London is taken over by Poles or Indians, they never employ Brits, only their own countrymen or ethnicity. Meanwhile, the politically correct British are bending over backwards to comply with diversity rules which require us to employ a rainbow spectrum including whoever is the latest in the country.

The London-based politicians don’t give a damn about this (or their buddies in the press). They love their cheap European nannies, maids, odd-job men and gardeners. Stinking hypocrites one and all, but especially the two-faced champagne socialists in the Labourist camp. 

So, the answer is; import more lower paid EU workers; jettison the excess indigenous population; continue to allow mass immigration from 3rd world countries to build a better society and the economy will grow.

However, schools, doctor’s surgeries, hospitals and a shrinking White British population speak of an ever lowering quality of life.
Immigrants come here for a better life, but only succeed in destroying the quality of life for those already here.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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