A shallow man with little interest in Britain and the British.

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David Cameron is lying when he says “We’re building an immigration system that puts Britain first”.

If he was telling the truth, he would be saying that we are leaving the EU and implementing a strict immigration policy based on our need to meet particular shortages, that he would be properly resourcing immigration control and that he would be amending the law to allow for simple and straightforward and swift deportation of illegal immigrants and those who over stay when visitor and student visas expire.

Furthermore, Cameron has had 4 years to bring in the controls he mentioned and hasn’t done so but in any case, we all know that his measures are tinkering at the edges and do nothing whatsoever to close our open borders.IMMIGRATION PROTESTS

A net increase of a million in 4 years is nothing to brag about Cameron. You’ve failed to get net immigration into the tens of thousands because you don’t control it; the EU does.

But anyway we’re really not that interested in net immigration figures. We can lose 100,000 educated, skilled native Brits who are making a real contribution to the country in economic terms (ie net taxpayers) and get 100,001 made up of 3rd world peasants and Eastern European minimum wage workers or unemployables and the increase in our population will be 1. But the impact on our economy and our social cohesion will be massive because they will contribute nothing of any value …. and will cost us a fortune in welfare and public services.

And there’s nothing you can do about it, because the EU won’t let you.

The only reason the economy is growing is because the population is ballooning by an extra 500,000 a year. The median salary is actually lower than pre 2007 levels.

England is the most densely populated country is Europe, yet with no improvements to our infrastructure to cope we continue to allow these hordes to arrive.

It is an utter disaster with no thought given to the implications for the quality and standard of living for the native British people.

Just like the cast iron guarantee of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty – so this latest cast iron guarantee on benefits for immigrants will also be reneged on.

There is only so much rhetoric that the people can take. Actions speak louder than words but in your case there are no actions – just words.

A shallow man with little interest in Britain and the British.

This is the man who spirits £940,000,000 of our money every month overseas to unaccountable “projects”.

Meanwhile, the queues in our hospitals for cancer treatment get longer as the resources are inadequate, the GP practices are turning British people away from their own surgeries, the roads are literally crumbling away as the maintenance budgets are slashed across the country and on and on.

David Cameron is not a leader of this country – he is a one term mediocrity who is interested in only himself. He couldn’t even win a clear majority after the Brown Terror that was wreaked across our land.

Cameron has betrayed his country just as Blair and Brown did before him.



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