IMF Says Another Greek Bailout Necessary

As reported in Zero Hedge

We agree with this

Greece is a black hole. The money goes into the hole and goes straight to external banks. The people just get poorer. Unemployment continues to rise along with poverty and suicide. The Greeks need to stop this themselves. NBG did a 10-1 reverse split and it’s fallen terribly in the last few weeks. Wake up Greeks!


I must admit, the necessity of another Greek bailout comes as a complete and total surprise to me. I am utterly at a loss for words regarding this unexpected, unpredictable, and shocking turn of happenstance.


miss the old Europe. When things were cheap in the southern and eastern countries, and they did not have the ‘refugee’ riff-raff and associated drugs & crime.

And when the only criminal record your neighbor had, was “Please release Me” by Englebert Humperdink.