“A council helped helped hardline governors to bully head teachers out of schools and impose their own agenda,

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The mainstream media writes this Britain as world policeman unmitigated rubbish, but apparently doesn’t see the irony of the situation where British “power” is not only impotent to prevent Islamist takeover of schools in the second city but actually facilitated it

“A council helped helped hardline governors to bully head teachers out of schools and impose their own agenda, according to a report on the radical Muslim “Trojan horse” plot to infiltrate schools in Birmingham.Trojan horse crisis in Birmingham

The report, commissioned by Birmingham city council, was highly critical of the authority, which not only ignored the problem but made it worse by helping to remove besieged heads rather than support them, it said.”


The media is keen enough for service personnel to go to the ends of the earth, and get killed in some mad pursuit of liberal interventionism, but he’s far too soft himself to address the issues presented by Trojan Horse.

Note how Birmingham’s own report still seeks to downplay, deny, deflect and dissemble: “the actions of a few…”(How many does it take, then?): “no evidence of a conspiracy to promote an anti-British agenda, violent extremism or radicalisation of schools in east Birmingham” (They were working together in coordination. Sounds like a conspiracy to me. Oh, here it comes, they “moved between schools”. But still not a conspiracy, it seems): “serious governance issues that exist in a small number of schools in east Birmingham” (Only “a small number of schools”, so the rest are fine, it seems. Ignore the fact what has happened in Birmingham is playing out across the country, anyway): “as a result of, at best, poor skills, and at worst, serious malpractice, by members of certain governing bodies”…

No conspiracy to subvert the country’s education system, just these individuals who were poorly skilled or, in those even fewer cases, just applying bad procedure. But not to worry because… Sir Albert Blore, Labour leader of Birmingham City Council, refuses to resign, “blaming the previous Conservative administration…”

If we are to stop ourselves burning with the rest of the world we must stop importing it. In fact we must start exporting it because Islam cannot live peacefully alongside civilized cultures. We need to put it behind a big wall and point our arms at it to ensure it stays there and keeps quiet.

If the world is at war, and it is, why on earth do we give shelter and succour to the enemy. There is no appeasing islam, so send them to their Islamic paradises and let’s stop helping them build the caliphate here.

Don’t give me any of that British values, freedom and liberty, free speech, l disagree but will fight to the death for your right to speak nonsense – the British way is to fight evil, not get out the toasting fork and grill our muffins on it’s flames like we are doing now. Britain is at stake and we have gone to war for less threat to our being!



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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