The BBC is morally bankrupt – a true reflection of society.

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The BBC is a danger to British democracy , sovereignty and prosperity with its liberal left bias towards the EU , climate change, multicultural extremism, immigration, political correctness and so on.
It should be abolished to the significant benefit of Britainlabour-BBC

The BBC is a despicable ninety year old Fabian plot intended to drive a nation into effective suicide. No social or political change worth pursuing is possible in this country while the BBC rains its multi-platform propaganda down on us, 24/7. It lies, it dissembles, it edits, it ignores. The BBC news agenda over-rides and pollutes all others. And of course, it and its staff feel they are right. Unimpeachably, permanently, unquestionably morally right.

It is a cancer on this country.

No one’s denying that its institutional politics are often Left-of-Castro, but isn’t that also true of the teachers, the NHS, the Anglican Church and significant parts of the Tory Party? Accepting that our institutions are biased.

The teachers who churn out semi-literates after eleven years in school. The NHS, where it can take a fortnight to get an appointment with a GP, by which time one doesn’t need an appointment any more (perhaps it’s a cost cutting measure). The Anglican Church where the pews are increasingly empty because they’re seen as irrelevant to the modern world. The Tory Party whose voters and membership are defecting en masse to nationalism because the Tories no longer speak for them.

Yes the BBC fits well into that list of failed institutions that have had their day and should have been laid to rest years ago.



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