The BBC has been accused of taking a “racist approach” to diversity while allegedly ignoring the white working class.

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The BBC has been accused of taking a “racist approach” to diversity by a Conservative MP, for taking action to improve representation of ethnic minorities while allegedly ignoring the white working class.

Philip Davies said the BBC’s “politically correct targets” discriminated against the white working class, who are also under-represented at the corporation but are not the subject of diversity quotas.

“Show a bit of leadership and vacate your own jobs if you’re so passionate about it. Or does it just apply to everyone else’s jobs apart from yours?” anti white2

I never thought I would be agreeing with a Tory MP. How refreshing that an MP actually asks the obvious questions and challenges such smug logic. The BBC is full of friends of friends, and even actors dont have to bother auditioning (Sherlock and family!).

I can’t remember any other political representative asking such pertinent questions.
It is of course racist to hire by skin colour – but it’s OK because it’s the “right kind” of racism.
My question would have been why does the bbc have such a knack for attracting the trash of society?

The BBC never accepts criticism, deserved or not. Ergo, they are above criticism – which goes a long way to explain their siege mentality.

This leftist organisation is a major part of the liberal-left cancer that has spread to almost all our public institutions.

The joys of “multiculturalism” again. Rather than the great Kumbaya Nation the left is always fantasizing about, the truth is a Balkanized nation in which someone’s ox is always being gored and someone else’s heritage is on the chopping block.

The Danes are taking the right tack early enough to maintain the primacy of their ethnic culture, of which the Danes are 1) proud, unlike white British kids who are being taught to despise their magnificent (even if imperfect) heritage, and 2) unapologetic. Pity Britain didn’t listen to the warning voices in the early 1960s.

Throughout history since the birth of radio and television, the national broadcasting corporations are there to serve the establishment eg Pravda, Chinese State Television, ABC etc. Before that it was cinema newsreels eg.Die Deutsche Wochenschau, Pathe News etc.

Today the flavour is Cultural Marxism, Political Correctness, Diversity etc

Modern Britain, forget the English people, and the English language, forget about thinking. The EU will tell the so called British government to tell us what to say, and what we cannot say, We just have to obay, any feedom to think for ourselves will be against the law.

Too many of us do have a real feel for modern day Britain, a land of amoral utilitarian spiritually dead existentialism with a majority of the people dependent upon the government for directing their lives, and we do not like what we see.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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