Pale, the male and the stale….what a racist sexist jibe that is.


There will be much singing of “The Red Flag” in teaching union headquarters today.

Tonight, the education establishment will once more sleep the sleep of Stalin, knowing that 20% of next year’s school leavers will be functionally illiterate and innumerate after 12 years in the care of a profession whose members brazenly call themselves professional teachers.Camaron 5

The Conservative Party is now just an odious subsidiary of New Labour, and should be prosecuted for selling goods under false pretences.

Of course the most necessary sacking – the sacking of Cameron himself – has not been done.

All of these ministers consigned to the dustbin – many of us have been telling Cameron his government has been useless for 4 years – now he agrees. Problem is the people he has replaced them, with are worse.

 Cameron once again caves in to the Left.

A lot of this feels  like political patronage of the worst kind. Promote non-entities who will loyally line up behind Cameron ….. and march over the top into the machine guns of the general election.

It’s ironic that as we mark the start of WW1 and, next year, the end of WW2 it becomes ever clearer that the values so many fought for have been sold down the river by successive governments.

The obvious narrative here is that Cameron is a coward. He has been bullied into sacking Gove by his liberal chums as a “gimme” to try and get another LibDem coalition, and because of his perpetual and fruitless chase for votes from people who just won’t vote for him.

Sadly, the message to voters is that when things and difficult, Cameron will trim and compromise. Just like he did on boundary reform. And if Cameron really wanted to get rid of the “pale, the male and the stale” (what a racist sexist jibe that is) why didn’t he sack himself?

 The whole cabinet reshuffle is nothing more but a return to the election policies of 2009, trying to win the metro votes by looking green, feminist and vibrantly young.
What could possibly go wrong – won him the 2010 elections, didn’t it … NOT.



Pale, the male and the stale