Will the BBC ever begin to tell the truth.

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The BBC is impervious to public opinion, it’s like the old Soviet communist party apparatus – fixed in its dogma and certain that it “knows” best!

BBC comedy is foul-mouthed and degenerate. Most of its entertainment shows are.

When viewed after being away from it the BBC is horrible. The bias is ‘in your face’ strong but that is its default position and has been – the problem is what it passes off for entertainment.BBC1

How the government feels it has producing such content is in its remittance is beyond rational. Governments do not exist to produce puerile, stupid, immoral, trash TV – or at least they should not.

The BBC Trust’s gagging of Nigel Lawson’s views on global warming policy is that he makes too much cogent sense on air and can blow holes in any climate ‘scientist’ confronting him.
Thus he represents a serious threat to their carefully nurtured support of the EU/UN political agenda.
Namely, to milk the fossil fuel sector, or rather the consumers of the fossil fuel sector (us), with ever escalating carbon taxation.
Purpose- to fund the UN’s grandiose ambitions for ‘climate justice’- euphemism for supra-national global wealth redistribution.

The BBC is the jewel in the EU’s propaganda arsenal. It is engaged in long term social engineering. The global warming ‘message’ has so much inverse logic to overcome that any challenge to it must be suppressed.
CO2 is an essential component for plant growth, emissions enhance plant growth, and putative additional global warming of the temporate zone in the northern hemisphere is also logically a net benefit extending the areal distribution and length of the frost free crop growth season.

Historic periods of warmth confirm this logic, and used to be called climate ‘optimums’, until global warming came along.
All this has to be suppressed from public consciousness, turned on its head and replaced with visions of catastrophe, larded with a background of constant abstract subliminal messaging. Emotive negative adjectives are employed – fossil fuel is ‘dirty’, CO2 is a ‘pollutant’, fracking is ‘controversial’, and so on. Renewable energy is ‘clean’ ‘responsible’ ‘sustainable’.

But the planet is not heating up and the record shows that has been the case for over 17ys. The theory of man made global warming was based wholly on computer simulations and models and they have been proven to be wrong no matter how many times they have been modified.BBC 2

Climate scientists funded lavishly by governments have tried to link the slight warming of the 20th century to human activity and have failed, they have burned their way through billions in grants in this hopeless quest supported by governments and a compliant media.

Real science and real world observation does not support the man made global warming theory, the theory relies on supposition based on guesswork of what might happen in the future if the basic theory that CO2 is a primary cause of warming which it isnt. Establishment science working with establishment government have got it disastrously wrong and it is costing us very dearly indeed and the true cost of the blunder and fraud will dog the West for a generation and maybe signal the decline and fall of the West.

Will the BBC ever begin to tell the truth about the expansionist and Empire-building agenda of the EU?
To date, the Corporation has been an EU shill because it receives loads of money from it in the form of loans and Grants.



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