The official line is that Britain is so bad that it needs to be enriched

 The out-of-touch media class are telling us that it’s all the fault of the indigenous population that young nutters embrace fundamentalism. All the talk of integration and multi-culturalism is nonsense – Islam is totally incompatible with Western democracy and the sooner delusional hacks and naïve metropolitan elite politicians start realising that the better. rp_Politically-Correct-300x213.jpg

The official line is that Britain is so bad that it needs to be enriched and that as a country it would collapse without bringing people from outside. You watch reports and documentaries and all they tell you is that the British people are so lazy that Britain could not survive without flood immigration.

The education system at all levels has been colonised by people devoted to propagating the pernicious doctrine that Britain ought to be self-loathing. 

We are now in the position of at least two generations of Muslims having gone through the British education system. If they haven’t picked up some of our culture and allegiance to the UK by now I’d suggest they have no inclination to do so. 
Any amount of so called ‘help’ to do so will, no doubt, include cart loads of cash and special allowances and even then we’ll end back at square one.

The self loathing has become part of the British establishments DNA, the Foreign Office’s policy of managed decline, their sell out of our sovereignty to the EU, State sanctioned Multiculturalism, cultural equivalence, Devolution, are all symptoms of the same problem, the decadence and self loathing of the British establishment.

They have no pride in our country, culture, or values. When asked what is good about British values, they don’t say Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, Common Law , Parliamentary democracy or any such things, no the first thing they will say is ‘Tolerance’ which essential is saying there are no values we will defend, in fact they are boasting about their moral cowardice.

Its not citizenship they want its our land, and they want it all, there is no concept of sharing or coexistence or harmonious multiculturalism. When they are strong enough to take it all they will try and God help us if we become a minority because they will show no mercy or compassion.

The media class are sold on the idea that race is irrelevant.Reality keeps slapping them in the face but to no avail. Yet

Multi cultural extremism has been a failure in all those countries that have embraced it and leads to division and alienation. The indigenous culture has been ridiculed by ideological politically correct extremists for far too long and free speech is now restricted within the confines of what the politically correct extremists demand.

Political correctness, diversity and the liberal political class that espouse it (all three parties) will be the death of this country. What does it take for the truth to sink in to the heads of this bunch of Quislings?



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