Labour is a train wreck – it does not represent the working man any more.


Labour is no longer seen as the party of the people. When industry moved to other countries and the only unions left are those in the very privileged civil service, you no longer have a party of the people but a party of the civil service. Why anyone, not in a union, would vote for Labour is beyond me.

Labour once was a party of the people – of struggle, hard work, and honest toil.

Modern Labour has nothing in common with its founding principles. The founders of Labour would have hated mass immigration and the withering effect it has on working class unemployment.

The founders of Labour would have hated the EU as undermining workers rights in favour of a pan-rp_Content_60_LeavingLabour_NoLabourLarge-300x187.jpgEuropean corporatocracy. The founders of Labour would have hated the benefits culture most of all – the idea that becoming dependent on benefits actually makes people worse off and less happy not better off and more happy was well-understood to them.

Labour abandoned its traditional working class vote, re-branded itself as New Labour and transplanted its voting core with that of the immigrant, benefit recipient and public sector. Its links with the Unions is fading fast, with only the Unions representing the privilages of the public sector holding strong.

Considering how they have gone about this business, certain admissions to rubbing the rights nose in it, notes left lying around saying the money has all gone, it is safe to assume they are entirely unpleasant.

And far from being allowed back into power, they should be imprisoned. Unfortunately the other two parties, although different in their establishment, less so over time, they follow the same stinking ideology to varying degrees.

The Labour party only ever wreak destruction and ruin when they’re in power; whether it’s the perennially deceitful Mr. Blair, the McLoon or – further back – Healey, Wilson ect.

Their only interest is relieving others of personal money and p*ssing it up against a wall in pursuit of more and more State control.

It was founded by people who wanted a fairer deal for those with no capital, who got by on the fruits of their labour.

They worked, used their hands and muscles, wore blue overalls, sweated for a weekly wage quite often in harsh environments.

The party has been hijacked by champagne socialists who have never known a hard day’s graft, or had to worry about where the money is coming from to feed their family.

These people disgust me, and have betrayed very the people they claim to represent.



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