They have tied the nation to a corpse and all of them are rotting from the proximity

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Both major parties may have forsaken that truth, but the public has rediscovered it. Hence the rise and rise of nationalism.

Both parties leaderships are now committed to keeping the UK in the EU regardless of whatever happens.

They have tied the nation to a corpse and all of them are rotting from the proximity, neither party will increase their vote share, it is who gets the biggest slice of a rapidly shrinking pie.

There will emerge over the next decade new parties that will represent racial and religious parts of the population.

That is the true inheritance of Labour aided by this putrid coalition, nothing anyone can say will ameliorate the disaster that is about to happen, it is already too late.westminster bub

The media appears unaware of the profound change in British politics. We no longer have political parties with their own distinct dogma, we now have a political class using focus groups to decide which group of policies will attract the most votes.

These groups of the political class will reside in whichever established political party shows the best chance of winning because with winning comes the really big lobbying money.

Political survival in a climate of constant debate requires understanding popular moods and concerns – as well as intellectual integrity and intelligence.

It is fair to say that people who have never been living in the real world but only in the Westminster bubble, are completely unsuitable as political leaders in a modern, connected and informed, society.

Blair was about spin. His policies were to put socialists into every corner of public life under the cloak of socialised capitalism. He was a lair and conman. I fail to understand why he is not a labour hero. Obviously the loony left are so stupid they took him at his word and not his deeds. it is frightening to think that Mcclusky might be the power behind the milliband throne in one years time.

Blair’s legacy will be how he divided and ghettoised our country through mass and uncontrolled immigration which has fuelled the Trojan Horse 5th column.

Cameron’s legacy will be the destruction of the traditional idea of family through redefining marriage

Two very pathetic representatives of a once proud nation humiliated and almost destroyed by decades of PC, dumbing down of education, multicultural oppression, sliding moral standards, cover up of peadophelia now found in Parliament, unpayable debt, homosexual “marriage” and turning a blind eye to a growing 5th column that has only just surfaced after Trojan Horse…..the list goes on.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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