Bias is the new balance…We are living in a time when being a good person means being a bad citizen.

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The BBC is completely dominated by metropolitan trendy, left-leaning liberals who deliberately promote multiculturalism, global warming, anti-Americanism and is anti-countryside.

The BBC are more sensitive to the feelings of Muslims than it is to Christianity. It has gone too far in the direction of political correctness. It has a group-think culture that goes unchallenged.BBC 2

It’s not just the BBC, but Channel 4, and the rest of the mainstream media, and the government, too.

No-one seems able to take on either the media, or the government. They are collectively selling us down the river, and ensuring hard times for all, in the future

It is not your right to skip the BBC license, it is your duty.

We are living in a time when being a good person means being a bad citizen.
Anyone who still retains a moral conscience is now the enemy of the state

The BBC is full of pseudo lefty-intellectuals who would rather steal money from a poor via their billions of TV tax revenue than stand during the national anthem.

It is no longer impartial or neutral – and neither does the BBC and people who work for it mirror Britain and its people.

The BBC is looking for CAGW sceptics with as few qualifications in climate science as possible to represent the sceptics arguments.

Just like the BBC dragged a White working class semi-literate homeless man off the streets to take the anti-immigration side in a BBC debate forum on immigration.
The BBC went looking to find their hoped for ” White trailer trash ” to fit the script stereotype.

The dice are loaded, the game is rigged and the fight is fixed.

The reason for this is that among the Guardianista Bourgeoise Bohemian Left , all methods are permitted in the fight against the
” evil , reactionary, fascist, oppressive, imperialist/ colonialist ” White/WASP/West.

It makes them feel all anti-establishment edgy, radical chic, modern and progressive.BBC M

They, the cleverest and most moral people who have ever lived, to have the malignant moral narcissism of their self-image rumbled and exposed for the poisonous social pathology that it is, is a fate worse than a fate worse than death.

They will cling on to the bitter end, The perks, the status and privilege and the nice house and car in a nice non-diverse neighbourhood are too good to lose.

The BBC has broken its royal charter on many occasions with its biased views and in accepting of EU funding – this surely makes its collection of the TV license null and void – illegal.

Does anyone actually trust anything they see on the BBC any more? I tend to assume these days that anything they present as fact is diametrically opposite to the truth.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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One Response to Bias is the new balance…We are living in a time when being a good person means being a bad citizen.

  1. HopeNotHateBNP Reply

    July 7, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    Couldn’t agree more but as our Lord Jesus Christ warns in end times good deeds are seen as evil, and evil deeds as good.

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