We could build two aircraft carriers every year with the £12 billion we waste on overseas aid


One question: How will this aircraft carrier help prevent Native Britons being reduced to an ethnic minority on the British Isles, as we already have been in our capital city . . ??

An aircraft carrier without planes, a prime minister without morals, a country without leadership.The last four years have been a disaster, deeper in debt, rich richer, poor poorer, NHS being destroyed, millions of immigrants, terrorist threats from within, an army cut back so much that we could not guard our own borders.
Well done the tory party, you have almost achieved your aim, to destroy this country.aircraft carriers a

We could build two aircraft carriers every year with the £12 billion we waste on overseas aid.
We could treat our elderly in the NHS with the money we waste on treating the millions of economic refugees who flood Britain.
We could build 140000 social housing properties a year with the £20 billion a year we give to the EU.
Spend British money on Britain , our diminished status is down to a rotten Liblabcon political elite who treat Britain with contempt.

Having an aircraft carrier that relies on a refuelling tanker due to crazy green policies means it is a 3 billion pound sitting target if they simply take out the tanker. It is a perfect example of stupid decision making driven by input from left wing activist pressure groups.

All of this rapidly dwindling military capacity is on the EU roadmap to turn us from a nation state with a global reach and identity into 12 autonomous regions and even as the Scotland debate rages the insidious campaign to restart work to break England into the 9 regions which have long been part of the plan is ongoing.

The secret to destroy a country successfully is not through conventional means,
ie warfare, but through an incremental (via the backdoor) method where the host
people ONLY begin to realise that they may be about to be replaced within the next
30-50 years.

We don’t notice increments so well do we?

8,000,000 immigrants and counting have been ticking away one by one, almost
second by second, and the political elite here are doing sweet football association
about it. The BBC even takes our money and promotes it



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media