‘The white working class are ‘left behind’ because of immigration and badly paid jobs’…Its called ethnic cleansing

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If you are an indigenous British person living in Britain you had better understand that the culture your ancestors built – is being eroded and diluted by mass immigration – effectively Britain is being ‘stolen’ by the immigrants – a subtle passive invasion, which years ago was done militarily, now via immigration.

The white working class are ‘left behind’ because of immigration and badly paid jobs….. and they needed a year long study to tell them what was bloody obvious!!white family

Our Politicians have failed us and as more of them are from ethnic, immigrant backgrounds – they are strengthening the multi-cultural regime.

Eventually true British people will be the minority in their own country – actually it will no longer be Britain in a sense but some other land unrecognisable, divisive, angry and Muslim.

Clegg, Cameron, and Miliband are all children of immigrants themselves.

Future politicians will be drawn in greater numbers from the immigrant communities, and they will be even more pro-immigration.

Native Britons will be a minority by 2050, and the borders will be as wide open as ever. People will still vote LibLabCon next year, like turkeys voting for Christmas.

The Labour MP Rachel Reeves stated in the Sunday Times that Labour did not care about the impact of immigration on their core voters the working class because they always vote Labour; and because there was no other party for them to vote for they would continue to vote Labour.Ed-Miliband-and-the-Labour-shadow-cabinet

If people keep voting for the main three parties this is what they will get.

They know full well that all the main three parties have an open door immigration policy yet still they vote for them. I

It’s a bit pointless moaning about it when you are getting precisely what you voted for. If you want the problem sorting out then change your voting habits, it’s as simple as that.

Considering the Labour party was specifically formed for the white working class, they were the ones who destroyed it in their stupid quest for equality. There is no such thing as equality amongst human beings. Equal opportunity yes but that’s a quite different matter.

Doesn’t matter how many surveys we have showing that overwhelming numbers of immigrants are responsible for lack of jobs, housing, low wages, over-crowding, destruction of our cultural identity and so on, the fact is that ALL LibLabCon politicians will completely ignore the findings, and carry on with business as usual.

The Tories will dismiss the surveys because they’re too spineless to do anything about the problem, and their business chums are loving the cheap labour.

Labour will similarly discount any negative findings about immigration because they don’t want to lose potential voters, plus they’re determined to complete the destruction of the UK in line with their warped marxist ideology.



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