Boris, you’re as mad as a box of frogs but you have definitely got Bliar’s number.

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This country has been transformed over a quarter-century or so largely without the consent of the British people. Boris Johnson has decided to single out Tony Blair as some sort of extraordinary political bad guy.

Blair is a contemptible man, but he’s just one of a cohort of British politicians who have and continue to make the most remarkable mess of the political environment in which we live. Boris Johnson is no different to the rest of them.

Boris, you’re as mad as a box of frogs but you have definitely got Bliar’s number.


Meanwhile, thanks to his policies, there is a hardening of Islamist attitudes from within our very own Muslim community.

While he was riding rough shod over the ‘human rights’ of Iraqis he was carefully accommodating, enabling and defending the ‘human rights’ of those who would surely pose a threat to our own national security and cohesion.

Today, we have to put up with reports of so-called Britons who have joined Islamist groups in Syria and Iraq threatening to bring their psychotic bloodlust back to our streets and, thanks to Tony’s policy of no questions asked mass immigration, the sheer numbers of those who loathe our culture and society means that those threats are very serious indeed.

And that’s exactly what Blair and the political classes gave us. Everyone is now a terrorist suspect.

We are watched, monitored, tracked, recorded and stalked every time we drive a car, use the internet or a mobile phone or even go out for a walk.

Civil liberties hard won over centuries have been destroyed within 20 years. And yet now we have politicians lecturing us about Magna Carta. “Terrorism” has reverted to its original meaning, the terror inflicted by the state on the people. As an enthusiastic supporter of torture Tony Blair knows all about that.

Never before in English history have we voluntarily handed over law making capability to a foreign entity to make laws entirely on our behalf, which we cannot refuse. This in itself is an act of treason when committed without being defeated in war.

In the last 40 years, our elected political class have sold our democracy to a foreign enemy and pretended that they are our friends.

That is treason at common law.traitors gate

The fact that the courts, filled with the same traitorous political class, have all conspired to allow this treason, does not render the crime of treason any less real.

Blair is terrified that history will actually judge him for what he is namely a lying, self centred, war mongering idiot. No amount of lying on TV will change what we all know now. History has already consigned you to the worst annals of history.

The war itself was not an tragic error or a tragic mistake – it was a calculated event done to impress the Bush administration which the British public protested against in their hundreds of thousands if my memory serves correctly.

So, this monster can now add Iraq’s unravelling to his toxic legacy as well as the complete betrayal of this nation through mass migration and degrading the nation through his failed policies which we are all paying for to this day and will continue to do until some true leadership for the people of this country emerges.



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