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Curfews? There’s nowhere open to go in the evening anyway!



This is becoming tyrannical. People will stop supporting the NHS soon.

Our chaotic badly managed money-pit of an NHS needs to be seriously looked at after the pandemic is over. The individual medical staff working for it are marvellous, but the underlying system is clearly flawed.

Sorry Whitty but the public knows that we have ‘followed your science’ for nearly a year and got precisely nowhere.

Shameless fear-mongering garbage!!

They have been lying through their teeth from day one. We went into lockdown because of a half a million dead lie from an abject failure with a history of tarot card predictions which proved to be nothing short of disastrous.

2nd of December lockdown was enforced because of ONS 9.2 ‘doubling cases’ figure which was yet another lie. The number actually dropped from 4.6 to 4.2 and when ONS was caught lying redhanded they said ‘data can change’.

Surely no politician thinks the general public trusts what comes out of their mouths.

The actions of dictatorship. Scare half the population by coming up with death numbers from models that are out of date and based on your previous lies. Then watch as one side battles against the other but by doing this you get the media on side as they can produce click bait articles of lies. All BS based on made up data.

None of the information they produce has any context to it, why is it not broken down to exactly what these people die of, what was their condition before going into hospital, did they get it while in hospital, what is the comparison with flu deaths over the past 5 years. So much misinformation by this lot you cannot believe a word they say.

‘PCR tests cannot distinguish between ‘live’ virus and non-infective RNA.’ This means the test cannot distinguish covid 19 from a cold or measles or ebola. The test has a 100% error rate and cannot tell anything about whether a person is infected nor if they are infectious. The tests are scientifically meaningless but are being used because they produce a high number of false positives which are labelled as infections and used to justify more lockdowns and more removal of civil liberties


Juno news service
No fake lies
No propaganda


Today I ask you for your positive vibes, thoughts & prayers for a young man who is awaiting a postponed life saving operation.
This latest delay is impacting heavily on his wellbeing and that of his family and friends.
Meanwhile this shit-show goes on.

The BBC needs to be closed down...NOW!

What a shame how this once great corporation has become rotten to the core and a voice for the extreme left.

Defund the BBC. This is an absolute disgrace.


They’re called the 3 wise monkeys. How the hell can that be racist?

Is it April 1st in York, or is the university full of woke idiots?

Perhaps I’m being too generous in thinking that there are β€˜normal’ people at these places?


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