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Welcome to your new police state



The only non-essential thing in our country is our insane government.

So the State can stop the Welsh and English from crossing an internal border but cannot stop the entire third world flooding into the UK.

This is not the Britain that I want to live in, This is not what British public want or deserve.

It hasn’t been the Britain that Britons want for the best part of five decades. What we’re seeing is not new. It’s not spontaneous.

The necessary draconian speech-censorship laws handing the police the power to unlawfully harass innocent people, whilst ignoring real criminals, have been assembled gradually and methodically over that time, just waiting for an excuse to come out of the woodwork. Now they are ready, the trigger (Covid 19) has been pulled.

We are not allowed to travel freely within the United Kingdom? We are not allowed to buy what we like because some tin-pot minor politician says so?

The police have made a very big mistake by abandoning traditional policing by consent in favour of becoming state enforcers.

They will in time discover how much more unpleasant policing by brute force and oppression is.

For the time being however they seem to be enjoying the extra money that overtime brings. Money which insulates them from the horror of unemployment and poverty that they are thrusting on the rest of society.

The passivity of the people in the face of this is truly amazing…The elites will protect you, just move along and do as you’re told.


Juno news service
No fake lies
No propaganda


I have had the Jab and made that decision to take it myself.

I do not believe in vaccine passports as it is the first step towards a Chinese style social credit score system.

Why did they have to use the Queen for their propaganda?

Hate speech laws are now so draconian that the police investigate “non-crime hate incidents”

There is no need for a new law, there are plenty of laws that could be used, these weasels just want to crush dissent from any quarter.


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