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Critical Race Theory is pure Marxist propaganda!



Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory are political and do not belong in schools. Teaching ideas such as ‘white privilege’ as a factual reality is breaking the law!

So Trump is right. Critical Race Theory and BLM are pure Marxist propaganda masquerading as fact. So apply the law now, prosecute teachers who have been brainwashing our children for decades.

CRT and BLM are the outgrowth of the Frankfurt School Marxist propaganda that started in the 1960s with Susan Sontag’s claim that “the white man is the cancer of history”. Such intellectual hucksters as Sontag and Marcuse and Adorno are hugely responsible for seriously damaging western society.

The Marxist handbook of the Frankfurt School is “The Authoritarian Personality”, a propaganda book still used in many universities that teaches that respect for family and nation is “fascist”.

The whole point about teaching “about slavery” in schools is so that the internationalising elite can condemn the people who abolished slavery (the Europeans) for having slavery centuries ago. But no other people are condemned for it. This indicates that the purpose of this is to disarm us, and to prevent us defending our countries from the slow-motion invasion we are undergoing.

The racial indoctrination business is at full swing not just in schools but throughout the public and private sectors.

Anyone who has been subjected to these ‘courses’ knows how stupid and intellectually offensive they are, and the government must act to withdraw all funding from the parasitic businesses that run them.

The goal of critical race theory is simply to brainwash white Britons to hate their country, hate themselves and hate each other.The goal of critical race theory is simply to brainwash white Britons to hate their country, hate themselves and hate each other.

While the universities are the origin of this poisonous drivel, it will be much more difficult to indoctrinate students in their late teens if they haven’t been spoon fed this since they were around 5 years old.

Critical Race Theory is pure Marxist propaganda!


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I have had the Jab and made that decision to take it myself.

I do not believe in vaccine passports as it is the first step towards a Chinese style social credit score system.

Why did they have to use the Queen for their propaganda?

Hate speech laws are now so draconian that the police investigate “non-crime hate incidents”

There is no need for a new law, there are plenty of laws that could be used, these weasels just want to crush dissent from any quarter.


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