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There is something more sinister than Covid 19 going on, you can be sure of that.



This is a Marxist scam which will be used to take our final freedoms.

‘Mommy, how did Germany become fascist so quickly in the 1930s’. ‘Well dear, look around you today at the Covid fear mongering, face nappies and Gestapo….it does not take long dear’. 

Britons have allegedly been inundating the police non-emergency number 101 with reports of their neighbours breaking the ‘rule of six’ coronavirus law.

This is how it started in Germany in the 1930s. Boris’ Stormtroopers acting like Adolph’s Brownshirts, harassing and arresting innocent people, meanwhile violent BLM looters, arsonists etc are immune to arrest.

Hundreds of illegals being imported on a daily basis from France, while our eye is off the ball with the government’s Project Fear distracting us.

Families reporting on their own family, neighbours rewarded for reporting on neighbours….these Orwellian times you can’t trust the news.

I would not doubt if this is disinformation. “Yes citizen, all your neighbors are snitching on you, why will you not snitch on them?”

People thinking of ratting need to watch the file ‘The Lives of Others’. And do some of their own research on what happened to informers after the Berlin Wall fell, when everyone then had access to their own Stasi files, and could see who had informed on them.

Names will; be put in a data base and used against them latter. I.E only good people will have access to jobs, those who broke the rules will be left out in the cold to suffer.

There is something more sinister than Covid 19 going on, you can be sure of that.


Juno news service
No fake lies
No propaganda


Today I ask you for your positive vibes, thoughts & prayers for a young man who is awaiting a postponed life saving operation.
This latest delay is impacting heavily on his wellbeing and that of his family and friends.
Meanwhile this shit-show goes on.

The BBC needs to be closed down...NOW!

What a shame how this once great corporation has become rotten to the core and a voice for the extreme left.

Defund the BBC. This is an absolute disgrace.


They’re called the 3 wise monkeys. How the hell can that be racist?

Is it April 1st in York, or is the university full of woke idiots?

Perhaps I’m being too generous in thinking that there are ‘normal’ people at these places?


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