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Hopefully the public enquiry will expose the culprits and the ‘science’ they relied on.



This threat is the greatest threat that we collectively face. Its that of a sinister totalitarian rabble in government.ย 

A fraudulent pandemic is one where the day to day lives of 99.9% of the population are massively affected by the authoritarian actions of politicians but completely unaffected by the virus itself… (Paul Weston).

Boris has turned this Country into the laughing stock of the World!

History will look back at how governments abused powered, inflicted massive economic damage to economies, destroyed thousands of businesses and jobs, racked up debt never seen since WW11, caused thousands of deaths from other diseases that went undiagnosed and treated because of the Covid 19 lockdowns for a disease that has at best an IFR of +/- 1 %.

It’s an absolute shambles and all of the current government should face the full power of the law when this farce is over. These are people’s lives they’re messing with.

They pay us to eat out in August and put us under curfew and close the same establishments early everyday the next month!

They ask test centres to extrapolate data 44 times rather than the 25 times it should be, which means it picks up the common corona virus called a cold. They’re passing laws left right & centre without parliament being in situ.

They’ve mis-counted data, included people who were run over/had a heart attack etc but had tested positive three months prior.

No restriction and no further loss of freedom which we all know will never be returned…What this virus has clearly shown is that the ‘experts’ are not very expert at all and common sense is far more useful than their University degree.

Unfortunately the boffins have a stranglehold on the situation and are clinging on for dear life, too terrified to back down and admit they got it completely wrong…Clinging on to their generous salaries too I fear

Keeping to the doom mantra is an attempt to cover up their inept plan to take victims out of hospitals and into vulnerable care homes.

Hopefully the public enquiry will expose the culprits and the ‘science’ they relied on.


Juno news service
No fake lies
No propaganda


Today I ask you for your positive vibes, thoughts & prayers for a young man who is awaiting a postponed life saving operation.
This latest delay is impacting heavily on his wellbeing and that of his family and friends.
Meanwhile this shit-show goes on.

The BBC needs to be closed down...NOW!

What a shame how this once great corporation has become rotten to the core and a voice for the extreme left.

Defund the BBC. This is an absolute disgrace.


Theyโ€™re called the 3 wise monkeys. How the hell can that be racist?

Is it April 1st in York, or is the university full of woke idiots?

Perhaps Iโ€™m being too generous in thinking that there are โ€˜normalโ€™ people at these places?


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