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Climate Change:.built on a foundation of unproven theories, assumptions and outright lies.



The lunatics are in charge of the asylum…Everything is political now so they can promote their marxist agenda. Covid-19 is the top of the current list.

Researchers at Australian National University (ANU) have called for ‘climate change’ to be recorded as a cause of death on death certificates. They claim that in Australia, the rate of people dying as a result of global warming may be 50 times higher than is officially acknowledged…BB

Science? Pathetic. We’re reliving the dark ages of politics and medicine.

Is this ridiculous nonsense not proof enough of how universities are basically little more than foul corruption zones?

Leftist activists ! .. The same ones who change the cause of death to Corona Virus on death certificates any time they can get away with it.

This is a political statement, not a medical one. How can medical doctors pronounce death caused by a geophysical event?

It’s like pronouncing that a person dies from flooding not drowning, from bush fire not burns. Floods and bush fires are not medical “killers”, they are geophysical events.

To call “climate change” a killer is the excessive language of a political activist or hyperventilating reporter, not a medical doctor.

To be precise, “climate change” has always existed as a fluctuating condition of the planet, which causes life forms to either starve, die, migrate or evolve. “Rapid climate change” is what is currently under study. The science is not settled, but it still remains geophysical, not medical, and cannot be in the remit of a medical doctor.

It is clear that the indiscriminate and undefined phrase “climate change” is being used undisputedly and widely as a political tool, deep in western social infrastructure.

To align that concept with ‘Covid-19″ is disingenuous because all viruses are known medical initiators of medical conditions, as are germs and bacteria, unresolved geophysical theories are not.

This particular virus is currently being linked, through legitimate scientific processes, to a variety of known medical conditions within a medical context, details of which are still too fluid to be a recognised specific medical initiator of medical conditions. Hence it would take time to give it legitimacy as a legal death certification

In effect, the unspecified sound byte of “climate change” is no more likely to become a medical condition than “cyclone” is.

Britain is losing confidence in crackpot scientists who give priority to their personal political quirks over simple common sense.

Climate Change: The dark art of prognostication built on a foundation of unproven theories, assumptions and outright lies.


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