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Anything to the right of the Conservatives is now considered “far-right”



The Conservative party has mutated into a disease ridden EU style social democrat party. Look at the conservative party policy on the family, LGBTQ, racism, feminism, climate emergency, immigration, the welfare state, tax and spending.

All of their policies are identical to Tony Blair’s labour party. In fact, on many of the cultural and social issues they are to the left of Tony Blair’s labour.

Blair and his band of Marxists accelerated the slow and gnawing creep into all of the institutions. That the establishment are unwilling to go after Blair for his and his henchmen s crimes against humanity – this is a problem that will not go away and cannot be ignored.

It looks like the Conservative party has planted itself in the put that was previously occupied by Labour on the edge of the potting table, the edge is now called “the centre ground.”

Labour/Momentum is now splattered on the floor after toppling over the side.

Anything to the right of the Conservatives is now considered “far-right” and incurs the full wrath of the state and the propaganda machine they call the media. Thus a challenge to the Conservatives from the right is now a challenge to the state and is met with character assassination and likely violence.

There is no room for another political party to the left without it joining the craziness of what used to be Labour/Momentum.

Brexit is far from done and we have no choice any more.That, ladies and gentlemen is the state of democracy in the UK today.

 The rot set in in the 1960s. It was partially countered, but not forcefully enough, in the Thatcher years. Since then it has been downhill at grand slalom velocity, with no political party even fighting for social decency.

The Trotskyites were always the worst, not because of their call for constant revolution – which can be a good thing – but because of their end goal: universal global Stalinism. Collectivism is a disease leading to the death, not only of civilisation, but of enterprise and innovation and thus eventually, of society. Look at the USSR – it is an example as instructive as it is scary.


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